Can We Do No Harm?


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Is it possible to "do no harm," and should we even try? Dr. Hanson and Forrest explore what it means to do no harm, and the inner resources that allow us to do as little as possible.

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Key Topics:

1:10: Reckoning and repenting in this moment.

4:45: What does it mean to truly do no harm?

6:45: How does doing no harm help us “be well?”

11:30: Reasons to take a collective perspective.

16:15: Grappling with the reality of causing harm.

19:00: The importance of repair.

22:30: Extending repair to yourself.

29:30: Are there necessary harms?

33:00: Resources that allow us to do less harm.

40:30: What happens when we stop being a danger to others?

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