The Power of Disability Part 6 — with Barb Goode


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This final installment of the Power of Disability series highlights an unsung hero of the disability movement, Barb Goode. Host Al Etmanski is in conversation with Barb about her work around self-advocacy for people with learning and developmental disabilities. Barb speaks to the importance of plain language and the harm that comes from labelling people. She also recounts organizing efforts around a milestone legal struggle to prevent the forced sterilization of people with disabilities. In this interview, Barb is joined by her friend and colleague, Aaron Johannes. In addition to being connected through involvement with PLAN, they collaborate on consulting projects around disability and inclusion with ImagineACircle. “I think words are very powerful. If we use complicated words, you're going to leave people out of conversations.” - Barb Goode Read the full transcript of this episode: **A note about the discussion at the 9:30 mark: the “R” word refers to a derogatory term that used to be used to describe people with a developmental or intellectual disability. While not as common today, it is still being used, and it is still hurtful. Resources: — The Goode Life: Memoirs of Disability Rights Activist Barb Goode: — “Barb Goode – Unsung Hero of the Disability Movement” on Al Etmanksi’s blog: — ImagineACircle consulting: — PLAN Institute: — EVE Supreme Court of Canada case: — NFB film: The Sterilization of Leilani Muir: — BC People First: — Al Etmanski’s website: — The Power of Disability: 10 Lessons for Surviving, Thriving, and Changing the World:

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