March 2021 - The Craft Legacy, Soul, Se7en, Karate Kid vs Rocky, The Twilight Zone


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Ben & Steve’s Video Store did has opened for March! Join the two movie geeks in their store (probably the last one on Planet Earth), as they talk about lots of things connected to the wonderful world of movies, including

  • Reviews of the month’s major physical media releases, including The Craft Legacy, Soul and Lost in America
  • We return to The Disturbed Ward and take a deep dive into David Fincher’s thriller, ‘Se7en’.
  • In a Bargain Bin of the Month first, we are choosing between two movies from the same director, as we look at ‘The Karate Kid, Part III’ and ‘Rocky V’
  • In the 90’s: We discuss the top 10 movies of 1996, based on worldwide box office grosses
  • In another new feature, ‘The Box of Delights’, we take a look at TV shows which have made the transition to the big screen. We start off by looking at ‘Twilight Zone: The Movie’

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