#409 - Is it ethical to kill and eat animals?


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I've avoided this topic so far mainly because it’s such an emotive one, in fact it's the main reason many become vegan, and I respect that. Although there is always another side to the story, and the argument around eating animal products often descends into insults far too quickly for it to become a productive discussion. When it comes to our food system we need to ensure it develops in a way that is sustainable and conducive to our future health and that of the planet, and so these difficult discussions need to be had. This show doesn't seek to promote an anti-vegan stance and convince anyone of anything, but it does seek to articulate why many feel that eating animals isn't something they find morally objectionable, so that we can hopefully move past this roadblock and find points of agreement to work towards. Along the way we look at where our morals and ethics come from, whether they are innate, and what that means if they are, and we hope this starts a dialogue between two camps that agree on a lot, despite some stark differences. 4.10 Why do people believe what they believe (Vegans & Carnivores) 6.40 If you’re vegan and listening….. 8:00 The evolution of eating meat 9:40 Is It morally correct to eat meat 12:30 Issues in the meat industry 13:10 what is normal. Moral Intuition. How we find answers in different camps 21:28 Hope and Glory 25:58 Activist vegans – Loud voices. (If you eat meat you’re a bad person) 29:25 The only way to move forward for carnivores & vegans 32:00 Left wing or Right wing, 39:00 Bens summary 40:00 Where do you sit, Tom helps define your morals.

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