#515 – Get your Sh*t together


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When we speak about mental health, is it fair to say that the language is often feminine? Why is it that the advice given typically revolves around journalling, taking baths, meditating, and things that simply don't resonate with a large swathe of the male population (and a fair chunk of the female population, too!). In the world of nutrition we all know that you need to find an approach that works for your preferences, but why is it that when we talk about mental health things get far more prescriptive? Does EVERYONE need to talk about their problems as a first port of call?
This show delves into the emotional differences of men and women, why the person you confide in could make or break your future, why spending time being alone with your problems is key, why developing strength in one area of your life leads to another, and more mental health ramblings. Enjoy.

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