#549 - Mindset Special: Stress, Control & Living Life


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In a special episode on mindset, I speak to Leigh Currie - just an every day girl & teacher to autistic kids who I've spoken to on and off over the years on Facebook messenger, just trying to help her out. Over the last few years Leigh has dealt with PTSD from her work, become a carer for her step-sister who's got Down syndrome, got married, went through a Huntingdons disease diagnosis, and constantly felt the pressure by our industry to be fit, healthy and always look to progress - she tried to do Joe Wicks program to help - but found it added to the problem.
We have a candid and open chat about the pressure to live life a certain way, what she's learnt about herself going through all that she has, how she feels I've helped her shift her mindset, learning to WANT to do things over having to do things, how she has realised happiness is in presence, and much more.
As listeners of the show you asked for more female guests, and more real life stories, I hope this hits the mark!

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