A Day In The Life Of Ben Greenfield: Ben's Exact Morning, Afternoon & Evening Routines.


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In this podcast, recorded at Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, I got put in the hotseat for an hour by a former podcast guest of mine: Will Ahmed of WHOOP. Will grilled me about every step of my day, and my exact morning, afternoon and evening routines - from sleeping to pooping to sex and more. During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Ben first got involved with performance and fitness [5:00] Always had a desire to teach; consummate learner Write for kids magazines, teach what he learned to other kids Love for nature immersion and movement Constitutional assessment labeled him as a mover BGF podcast w/ Ahvie Herskowitz on constitutional assessments Began playing tennis at age 14 This began the search for optimizing his game, which led to a focus on exercise, nutrition, etc. Endurance sports are more appealing due to the importance of physiology, nutrition, etc. -Ben's morning routine [9:20] Christian Gratitude Journal One thing grateful for One truth One person to pray for, help, serve Read for 15 minutes Book: Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday Wash face with an oil cleanser Oil pulling for the mouth The Dirt (it's an oil pulling brand) Make coffee Kion Coffee Wilfa Precision coffee maker Spend 15 minutes taking care of body - self love Foam rollers Nasal Breathing 20-30 minutes Morning reading: Twitter, research digests, emails Learning vs. reacting/responding No creating at this point Giant glass of water w/ hydrogen tablets Water and Wellness tablets Off to the toilet, take care of business Coffee enema once a week Two types of activity per day: Full workout (high intensity interval training) Light workout: walk in the sun, a swim -What Ben thinks is underrated when it comes to fitness [20:45] Minimal effective dose of training Time under tension vs. sets and reps Vasper machine ARX Fit machine Focus on mindfulness and breath at the gym No phones Exercise your spirit as well as the body -Thoughts on breath work through the nose [24:00] Breathing through the nose increases Co2 levels Focus on the exhale, should last slightly longer than the inhale Book: The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown Exhaling through the nose humidifies the air Exercises the diaphragm Regulates the sympathetic system Opti O2 device Meditation: Be driven by your prana (life force) -Ben's mid-morning routine [27:30] Family meeting, planning future activities BGF podcast on unschooling 9:30 eat a morning superfood smoothie Bone broth Collagen Coconut milk Sea salt Cacao nibs -A typical day at the office [32:45] Beginning at 10 am, hyper-focused on tasks for the day (podcasts, articles, consults, etc.) Book: Deep Work by Cal Newport Non-reactive work Reactive work can wait (emails, small tasks) Brain enhancement supplements: Four Sigmatic Qualia Mind or Focus Nicotine Gum Zevia sparkling water Grounding mat JOOVV panels Walking treadmill (BEN10 to save 10%) -What Ben Greenfield eats [36:00] Organic wild meat Hunt white tail deer, elk, turkey, with a bow and arrow Train to Hunt Petersen's Bow Hunting magazine Knock on Archery podcast Nose to tail Coffee in the morning, wine in the evening Raw honey -Mid-afternoon routine [38:20] Have lunch around 3 pm Take a nap 20-40 minutes NuCalm Biomat Normatec boots 2-3 more hours of work (small tasks: emails) No coffee after noon Nicotine gum for a cognitive pick-me-up Hard workout (if not in the morning) -Evening routine [42:30] Belongs entirely to family Family dinner, games Play music: piano, guitar Read, review gratitude journals -Getting ready for bed [43:45] Red incandescent bulbs (close to fire light) no blue light RA Optics red and clear blue light blocking glasses ChiliPad Essential oil diffuser Reading, chatting w/ wife No TV in the bedroom Supplements used: 60 mg of CBD Sleep Remedy Quicksilver melatonin 4-7-8 breathing MindFold sleep mask -Under the radar hacks to improve your life [49:45] Sunlight exposure first thing in the day ReTimer glasses (use BGF30 for $30 off of your purchase) Human Charger (use BEN20 for 20% off) Red light at night Self-quantification Whoop (use BEN for a $30 discount) Test for inflammation and blood glucose Dexcom G6 blood continuous glucose monitor -And much more... 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