Q&A 423: Does Weed Make You Stupid & Does Cannabis Affect Testosterone?, What's The Best Pre-Workout Formula?, Should Teens Fast? & Much More.


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Listener Q&A: What To Do About Cold Hands & Feet...28:10

Jason asks: Hey, Ben. I'm 46 years old and I've got cold hands. They get worse in the winter time, but they're cool in the summer. Probably I'm thinking Raynaud's, but I don't want to claim that. I'm open to any feedback you have on maybe how to make it better, fix - physiology, neurology supplements, testing, breath work, etc. I'm open to all of it. Any help is much appreciated.

In my response, I recommend:
  • Paleo Autoimmune Protocol (Mickey Trescott)
    • Cookbook
    • Diet Book
  • Organifi Red
  • Nitro glycerin cream
  • BGF podcast on nitric oxide
  • Prostaglandin
  • Kion Omegas
  • Wim Hof protocol
What's The Best Pre-Workout Formula?...38:37

Preston asks:What's up Ben Preston here, long time listener, constant applier of everything you talk about on podcasts and in Boundless. But when it comes right down to it, I'm still wanting to take a scoop of pre-workout (powder) dump it in the mixer, shake it up and go wrap it out with the bros at the gym. So what's the deal with pre-workout powder and how much stimulant should I be intaking on a daily basis. I'm going to the gym every day, but I'm using pre-workout three, four times a week. Love to hear your thoughts.

In my response, I recommend: Should Teens Fast?...46:20

Rama asks: Hey, Ben, my name is Rama. I am 16 years old and I am curious how much fasting and intermittent fasting would you recommend for a teenager like me to avoid or even improve my running performance and also how much is too much exercise for my health. Thank you very much. Love you, Ben.

In my response, I recommend:

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