16 - Burning out with Therese Lardner


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Episode 16 lights up with the amazing Therese Lardner. Therese is a registered psychologist, leadership coach and founder of Mindset Coaching and Consulting, who works with businesses to create happy, healthy and productive workforces.

Therese was a FIFO partner for around 10 years and I thought it’d be great to get her perspective from the other side of the coin - what’s life’s like at home, whilst you’re working away. We also talk about the power of planning prior to entering the mining or related industries, and Therese shares some great advice that I certainly didn’t apply before stepping foot on site for the first time.

On top of that, and as the title suggests, we talk all things burn out. I was fascinated when Therese explained that she’d experienced burn out not only once, but twice. She’s very open and honest about what she went through, and her experiences have really ignited her passion to pay it forward and help others.

My perspective was definitely challenged in this episode and Therese gave me plenty to think about. I'm sure you'll feel the same way, enjoy...

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