BBQ 084: Heritage BBQ


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Everyone knows the BBQ family is growing way beyond the borders of Texas or even these beautiful United States of America. There’s Dave Peralta who is smoking American briskets in the Philippines using dragon fruit and tamarind wood. There’s Holy Smoke in Sweden who are feasting on Texas BBQ just south of the arctic circle. This episode is all about the west coast and how Texas BBQ is popping up all along the pacific ocean.

This week’s episode takes us to Bruery Terreux, a wildly traditional brewery in Anaheim California. Yesterday Danny Castillo and his crew fed hundreds of hungry Californians at a pop up and our new west coast correspondent was there to talk to the people involved.

Did I just say west coast correspondent? Yes, I did. I’d like to introduce y’all to Abe Delgado. AKA @abedelgadoeats on instagram. Calling Abe a BBQ enthusiast is an understatement. He’s loved Texas BBQ his whole life even after he moved from Texas to California. You may remember him from our coverage of Texas monthly and he’s combing the streets of California trying to sniff out any BBQ he can find.

Your west coast host was at Heritage BBQ talking to a long list of west coast enthusiasts. He spoke with Shark Man Dan aka Ragged Tooth bbq who are cooking some Texas BBQ out there. He spoke to Alex aka @theoffsetbbq on instagram and a huge enthusiast. Alex throws down to help other bbq pit masters like Andrew from Moo’s in LA. There’s not a huge pool of Texas BBQ people so they are tight on the west coast. You never know when you need a little help at the smoker or on the cutting line.

Abe also spoke with some of the enthusiasts of Heritage BBQ. This couple goes to every popup that Danny throws and they’re often first in line. They like to be early so that they can get a beef rib.

There was a film crew at the popup as well led by Florentino Levas who are shooting films all about BBQ and the long hard work of cooking it. At first he didn’t believe that this BBQ was in Cali and he was pleasantly surprised to meet Danny and the crew. Everyone at the popup appreciates not having to travel to Texas to eat this style of bbq.

One of the most active members of the west coast foodie community is GoldLineLA. He connected with our show on instagram a long time ago and we’re glad he linked up with Abe. You can follow him and see all the amazing eats he tries all over LA.

Enjoy this west coast episode brought to you by our west coast correspondent and enthusiast, Abe Delgado, enjoy.

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