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When I got off the plane that landed at LAX, I had no idea what was in store for me. I'm riding the coattails of Texas Barbecue and I'm holding on tight.

This is the second episode from the LA Times Food Bowl. A huge, month long event celebrating Los Angeles staples and introducing the public to new and different types of cooking. There was a burger night and a noodle fest. I had ice cream that was made right in front of you with liquid nitrogen. There's a lot happening at these events but I went for a specific night. The All-Star BBQ night.

There were all kinds of big names from Brooklyn to North Carolina, Austin to LA. The brisket and the smoke was real. This isn't some simple BBQ event. All kinds of pits were used. Offset smokers, brick pits, and even a green egg. The best part is on top of hanging out with the greats, I got to meet the extended BBQ fam. #bbqfam. I have even more people to follow up with in future episodes!

In this episode we talk to Daniel and Brenda Castillo. Their dynamic duo puts out incredible barbecue almost every weekend. They cook at some of the nicest breweries on the west coast. They are building their dream from the ground up. One beer and one popup at a time. They also have some of the best fans in BBQ. Their pictures and the pictures they are tagged in are epic. Mostly because of Danny's hats...

I also got to hang with Andrew and Michelle Munoz who had one of the prettiest platters at the event. Hand made fresh blue corn tortillas. Brisket, sausage sauces so much on one platter. Last week I talked to their crew, this week I've got the bosses telling me all about their plans to grow. I'm going to say that Moo's has a good chance of being the busiest BBQ joint in LA as soon as they put together a brick and mortar. They work hard and have been growing their business since the day I met them in line at Snow's.

I hope you enjoy all these interviews. The people on this show are not only class A badasses, they're my friends. They're a special part of this show and we will be watching them closely this year. Enjoy our conversation and as always, go eat some BBQ!

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