Guest Sally Saint - Artist,Energy Healer and Founder of Conscious Parenting.


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What is energy healing? Why do we resist that which calls us? Join Cathy Anello- Author of the book 'Six Months to Live - Making Each Day Matter and Cari Butler owner of the Los Angeles based- Emergency Cafe- Consulting firm and Ho'oponopono forgiveness coach as they explore how resistance to change can hold us back and how gaining wings to fly will help us soar to our 'Best Life" We all have times in our lives when our wings so desperately want to grow. Yet something holds us back. Something that feels so uncomfortable. And if we listen to this, we stay with our wings clipped. We have become so shy of pain, doing our best to avoid it. Where are these feelings coming from, and how do we release them? Today on the Best Life Cafe Sally Saint is here to share how we can navigate this energy, step beyond the veil of resistance, and learn to fly . email

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