011: Run Your Own Race!


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Self Care for Solopreneurs is hosted by Jessica F. Walker

Today’s topic is: How to stop comparing yourself to others

Show description: Today's episode is about focusing on your success and not comparing your hustle to someone elses highlight reel. We're going to get real about self confidence and tackling your fears ...and my favorite things, 3 things I'm grateful for. Get to know me a little bit better as you intentionally choose yourself first. Self care for Solopreneuers is a podcast to help you take care of yourself so you can take care of business.

Three Things I’m grateful for:

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Welcome to another episode of Self Care for Solopreneurs Podcast. I’m your host, Jessica F. Walker and I’m super excited to have you here today. If this your first time listening, that’s awesome and welcome again. There is a link to our facebook group in the show notes so if you want to meet up with other solopreneurs who are ready to commit to a practice of self care, please join us! Just look for Self Care for solopreneurs on facebook or again, check the show notes for the link.

Before we get started today about running our own race and not comparing ourselves to others I did want to share with you a special masterclass I created just for new business owners who are looking for stress free ways to start growing their list. It’s called the Strategic List Building Masterclass and you can find it at jessicafwalker.com/strategicemailgrowth - plus I’ll link to it in the show notes.

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