203: Self Care chat with Leah Gervais of Urban20Something


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Rose Tremain said, "Life is not a dress rehersal."

Please welcome my friend, Leah Gervais to the show! Leah Gervais is the founder of Urban20Something.com- a go-to resource for side hustle success. Leah is a coach and mentor for young professionals building online businesses around their 9-5 jobs and has built her own side hustle to earn more than her 9-5 job income.

She loves all aspects of online business and her specialty is helping her clients identify how to monetize and share what they're most passionate about.

Leah and I talk about everything from how she practices self care, why self care is so important, trending practices in New York City, indulgences... and my favorite thing, 3 things Leah is grateful for. Get to know us a little bit better as you intentionally choose yourself first. Best Life Hustle Podcast is a space to help you take care of yourself so you can take care of business.

Three Things I’m grateful for: Resources mentioned in this episode:

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