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John C. Maxwell said, "Dreams only work if you do."

Welcome to Best Life Hustle Podcast! I'm back with season 3 and I'm so excited to share all the upcoming things!

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Today we're talking about how to to up-level your life and business - Marketing helps you acquire clients and make sales. But marketing is just one part of creating and running a business.

Focusing endlessly or solely on marketing is like buying a car and forgetting where you intended to go with it. It’s like driving around the same block of streets, repeating your actions, not sure of which street to take next.

It’s trying one strategy; then abandoning it when you don’t see instant results, only to repeat the same result with another tactic.

You buy courses, attend webinars, buy more courses and in the end, you’re too busy and overwhelmed to put anything into practice.

If you feel that this describes your marketing, and you’re ready to create not just more marketing, but a solid growth strategy that will get you actual results—and what’s more, the results you want; the results you are dreaming of—then this podcast episode is for you.

Highlights from this episode:

    ...the important thing to remember is that goals keep you moving forward. That “one day” attitude is a trap. Successful entrepreneurs are focused on growth. If you really want to build self-confidence, however, you need to do two things.... Build on relationships that contribute to your business growth. If you want the buzz to be positive, make sure that what you are offering contains high value.

Three Things I’m grateful for:

This podcast!

A safe gluten free thanksgiving dinner!

Vision boards!

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Grit by Angela Duckworth

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines

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