#1315 The Wrecking Crew (The Trump appointees running the government)


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Air Date: 10/29/2019

Today we take a look at some of the main characters that make up the Trump administration to get a sense of who they are, where they're coming from and how they're working tirelessly to ruin everything good about our government and find brand new ways to be terrible

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Trump went to a World Series game and was booed by the crowd, including chants to “Lock Him Up!”:

"A leader who's typically viewed

As being repugnant and crude

And went to a game

Expecting some fame

To bolster his ego, was booed"

- @Limerick_News


Ch. 1: Rudy Giuliani - Past Present - Air Date 10-15-19

The crew discusses the political history of Rudy Giuliani and he's always been a snake.

Ch. 2: Unitary Executive Theory with Charlie Savage - Intercepted with Jeremy Scahill - Air Date 2-27-19

Jeremy Scahill and Charlie Savage discuss Bill Barr and Trump and their takeover of the Dept of Justice.

Ch. 3: Barr Speech Proves He's Trump with An Authoritarian Brain -The Majority Report with Sam Seder - Air Date 7-17-19

Sam discusses Bill Barr and his role in corruption in the Trump administration.

Ch. 4: Mike Pompeo, Christian Crusader and Koch Brother Ally with Lee Fang - Democracy Now - Air Date 3-14-18

Pompeo has a history of making Islamophobic statements. He’s also been a major ally to the billionaire right-wing Koch brothers.

Ch. 5: How Steve Mnuchin Profited From The Housing Bust with Aaron Glantz - Democracy Now - Air Date 10-15-19

Aaron Glantz discusses how Steven Mnuchin profited from ruining people's lives.

Ch. 6: Mike Pence with Tom LoBianco - BradCast with Nicole Sandler - Air Date 10-1-19

Nicole chats with Tom LoBianco about the dangerous "Christian" Mike Pence.


Ch. 7: My puddle of grey is confusing - Erin from Philadelphia

Ch. 8: The impact of election 2000 - Holly from San Francisco

Ch. 9: Broadcast stations selling ad space full of lies - Chris from San Diego


Ch. 10: Final comments on the legality of running political ads with lies

Ch. 11: Limerick of the Day from @LouC17


'A threat to democracy': William Barr's speech on religious freedom alarms liberal Catholics (The Guardian)

Bill Barr’s First Epistle to the Heathens (The New Republic)

William Barr Is Neck-Deep in Extremist Catholic Institutions (The Nation)

Mike Pence's problem with science (CNN)

The Danger of President Pence (The New Yorker)

Mike Pence: power, religion and America's 'shadow president' (The Guardian)

The Decline and Fall of Rudy Giuliani (GQ)

Where Did Rudy Go? (The Atlantic)

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