#1336 Throwing Our Weight Around (The Future of Trade)


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Air Date 2/15/2020

Today we take a look at the ways Trump is working to rewrite the rules of trade with NAFTA 2.0 (The USMCA), a post-Brexit agreement with the United Kingdom and what's emerging from the ongoing trade war with China.

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Ch. 1: Manuel Perez-Rocha on NAFTA 2.0 - CounterSpin - Air Date 1-24-20

Manuel Perez-Rocha breaks down the USMCA trade deal and the media's misinformation about it.

Ch. 2: The New NAFTA with Lori Wallach - Ralph Nader Radio Hour - Air Date 1-25-20

Ralph Nader and Lori Wallach discuss the USMCA, the old NAFTA and the revised NAFTA.

Ch. 3: Bipartisan NAFTA 2.0 Is Still Fatally Flawed with Nicole Aschoff - The Real News with Greg Wilpert - Air Date 1-21-19

Nicole Aschoff discusses the incremental change of the new NAFTA agreement.

Ch. 4: Secret Trade Documents Between US and UK - Novara Media - Air Date 11-29-19

The Trump admin is pushing a trade deal with the UK that will privatize the NHS.

Ch. 5: Trade deal between the US and the UK as seen from the UK - Remainiacs - Air Date 1-24-20

What use is the Government’s greenwashed Agriculture Bill when it won’t protect us from low-standard food imports?

Ch. 6: Phase One of US-China Trade Deal Is Symbolic with Nicole Aschoff - The Real News with Greg Wilpert - Air Date 1-21-20

Nicole Aschoff discusses the USMCA and China Trade negotiations.

Ch. 7: Trump Declares Victory on Trade with Ana Swanson - Diane Rehm On My Mind - Air Date 1-21-20

Diane and Ana Swanson discuss Trump's supposed victory in the Trade war.

Ch. 8: The US-China Trade War with Tobita Chow and Jake Werner - Jacobin Radio - Air Date 2-3-20

Tobita Chow and Jake Werner discuss the Trump administration's trade war with China.


Ch. 9: What did Bernie actually say at those Clinton rallies? - Barbara from San Jose, CA


Ch. 10: Final comments explaining Bernie’s support of Clinton during the 2016 election

Bonus: Every Event Bernie Sanders Did For Hillary Clinton in 2016 - Matt Binder - Air Date 1-21-20

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