Episode 66: Wendy Hurlburt, President & CEO, LifeSciences BC


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Life sciences is not a widely understood area of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), but Wendy Hurlburt is here to set the record straight. She tells host Danniele about her hopes to establish life sciences as a vital part of the economy and talks all about how LifeSciences BC is a networking hub that advocates for many stakeholders. But Wendy and Danniele don't just talk shop - you'll also find out about Wendy's personal life, including how she manages work/life balance and her favourite activities.

Wendy Hurlburt is the President and CEO of LifeSciences BC. She is a career executive with more than 20 years of Global Finance, Operations and Compliance experience in the healthcare and technology sectors.

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Hosted by: Danniele Livengood (@livengood) Theme Music: “Positive and Fun” by Scott HolmesProduced by: Vanessa Hennessey

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