JF2315: High Density Parking With Matthew Wiatrek & Ben Trantham #SkillsetSunday


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Ben is the President & Matthew is the Vice President of Trident Structures, and their focus is high-density parking that helps improve investor's ROI. This is an episode that Joe Fairless really enjoyed because he loves talking about topics he does not have any knowledge in and especially one that can help improve your returns in your business. Matthew Wiatrek & Ben Trantham Real Estate Background: Ben is the President & Matthew is the Vice president of Trident Structures Matthew has participated in 5 multi-family deals Trident Structures focus on high-density parking that improves investors ROI Based in Fort Worth, TX Say hi to them at for more info on groundbreaker.co Best Ever Tweet: “By using a mobile app you now can request your car from our parking garage” - Trident Structures

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