JF2320: Adapting Your Real Estate Business With Bruce Wuollet


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Bruce is the founder, and owner of Bakerson, a multifamily syndication business. Growing up in the bakery business in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Bruce wanted to pay homage to his now late father, hence the name “Bakerson”. He has a proven track record of success throughout Bakerson’s nearly 18 years in business with thousands of individual units bought, repositioned, and sold. His personal portfolio consists of 250 units and he focuses on finding good deals while his passion is serving the residents by providing them with one of their basic human needs - shelter. Bruce Wuollet Real Estate Background: Owner of Bakerson, full-time multifamily syndicator Over 18 years of real estate investing experience Bakerson has bought thousands of individual units, repositioned them, and sold Personal portfolio consists of 250 units Track record of 16 multifamily - 850 units and transacted over 2000 single-family homes Based in Phoenix, AZ Say hi to him at Best Ever Book: for more info on groundbreaker.co Best Ever Tweet: “Always adapt” - Bruce Wuollet

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