JF2334: Talking With Full-Time Investor Melissa Johnson


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Melissa Johnson has been flipping houses in San Antonio, TX since 2003, growing and expanding the business into a thriving real estate investment operation. With over 1000 houses flipped, she has also built a portfolio of rental properties and real estate notes while raising five children. She provides coaching, support, and education for other high-level real estate investors nationwide. As co-founder of the San Antonio InvestHer meets up group and an active member of the Forbes Council on Real Estate, and the National Association of Women Business Owners, she is dedicated to the success and empowerment of women in business. Melissa Johnson Real Estate Background: Full-time real estate investor, and the Co-Founder of San Antonio InvestHer meetup group 17 years of real estate experience She has completed over 1000 flips and has a portfolio of rental properties and notes Based in San Antonio, TX Say hi to her at Best Ever Book: for more info on groundbreaker.co Best Ever Tweet: “Find a coach or a mentor” - Melissa Johnson

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