JF2335: Focusing On BRRRR With Anam & Aamir Hashambhai


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Anam and Aamir Hashambhai are a husband and wife team. Anam is a marketing director for a local luxury auto group while Aamir runs a family dry cleaning business with several locations. They have been focusing on the BRRRR strategy, completing 19 properties so far, and have a goal of continued growth. Anam & Aamir Hashambhai Real Estate Background: Anam marketing director for a local luxury automotive group Aamir runs a family dry cleaning business operation with several locations They have 3 years of investing experience Their current experience is with purchasing 19 properties and have completed 15 BRRRR; currently have 4 going through BRRRR progress Based in Dallas, TX Say hi on Instagram @rehabrental Best Ever Book: for more info on groundbreaker.co Best Ever Tweet: “Get started and focus on creating the best product for the best price ” - Anam & Aamir Hashambhai

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