The Book of Daniel sermon 1

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In this week’s message, we begin our discoveries in the book of Daniel. This book would probably get a seal of approval right here in Quebec. Why? Because it is bilingual. Though not French/English it still has two official languages; Hebrew and Aramaic. And even though the Jews of Babylon spoke both those languages, God was sure to write in Aramaic to the Gentiles so that this book, replete with prophecy and power might be revealed to both Jew and Gentile alike because He has sovereignty over all the nations of this world. He not only creates history, He controls it right up to and including eternity. You are the Lord of eternity. You are the only One Who is worthy to be praised; in every language and by every nation.
Be blessed as you listen in to the first message on the Book of Daniel, with Messianic leader, Jacques Isaac Gabizon. Shalom.
The Book of Daniel sermon 1

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