Better Everyday #69 Omegas for Cramping, How To Transition As Our Kids Grow Up & Should You Workout Fasted


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In this episode we answered a question about how to use omega 3 and omega 6 (evening primrose oil specifically) to treat menstrual cramps, what’s the most menses-friendly diet and what may be underlying your painful periods. And we’ve all had – or fear we’re about to have – that moment when we look in the mirror and barely recognize the woman looking back at us. What’s more stressful than this?? We talked about how to transition through the various stages in life, particularly the many phases of motherhood and how to reconnect and rediscover yourself – be who you are as we say. This topic included a lengthy list of the books we recommend on personal growth and happiness. Finally we answer the all too popular question: should you work out first thing in the morning on an empty stomach?

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If you wanted to read more about cramping and ovulation pain and using the omega3 to 6 ratio for cramps in this post on Dr Brooke’s site.

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