Terence Lester: Activist, Writer, Storyteller and Founder of Love Beyond Walls


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You are about to be inspired. Terence Lester is a speaker, activist, author, and thought leader in the realm of systemic poverty. He’s known for nationwide campaigns that have been featured on MLK50, CNN, Good Morning America, and more. In 2013, Terence founded the non-profit “Love Beyond Walls” and has helped hundreds of individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty to rebuild their lives. In 2019, Terence launched the first museum in the U.S. representing homelessness, out of a shipping container, called Dignity Museum. He also holds four degrees and hosts a podcast called Narrative Shift.
Terence has written six books, and his new book, “When We Stand: The Power Of Seeking Justice Together,” is set to release on May 18th.
For more information or to make a donation, please visit https://www.lovebeyondwalls.org/ and http://terencelester.org/.
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