#174: Bullet Proof Selling - Improving sales with lessons from the battlefield taken into the boardroom with Shawn Rhodes


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Shawn was a former war correspondence who has taken the systems and processes that he observed from the battlefield into business boardrooms

Shawn’s ambition is to help companies replace hope with certainty when it comes to sales by having systems and processes in place that are reliable, consistent and easily utilised if sales personnel change

Shawn also shares three great questions to ask after each sales meeting:

What could I have done differently now the meeting is over and I know in hindsight how it was going to run?

What should I have known about the company in advance of the meeting?

And given the outcome of the meeting what could my company have done to help me be more successful?

Shawn also reminds us that we should focus our debrief just around the occasions when we don’t win the business but also around those occasions when we do win the business

Shawn suggests you track the challenges you face every day so that you can learn from them and also learn how to get better at them

Here is the link to Shawn’s website bulletproof-selling.com

And to Shawn on LinkedIn

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