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Caleb talks with a good friend, Joey Mure, also known as the “Italian Stallion”. He has a podcast called Wealth Without Wall Street and is a fellow advisor working with people all over the country. In today's episode, they talk about Joey’s podcast, his three steps to better wealth, life insurance, and infinite banking. Stay tuned and enjoy this amazing interview!

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Show Notes

  • Joey's podcast - 2:35
  • One of the funniest people in the business - 3:53
  • Giving a different perspective on money - 5:10
  • Understanding the name of Wealth Without Wall Street - 6:33
  • Your own path more efficiently - 8:04
  • What is Return On Result? - 10:02
  • How he got into the business and his definition of infinite banking - 11:30
  • Saving or investing? - 14:19
  • You have to have a place to store money - 15:03
  • What gives you long-term growth? - 16:40
  • How he started his first policy - 17:47
  • Understanding the game changer - 20:36
  • A perfect example of Return On Result - 23:11
  • The roadmap to Better Wealth and its three steps - 24:43
  • Passive income - 27:22
  • Joey's future goal - 30:30
  • You constantly have to be learning! - 31:52
  • Most common mistakes when it comes to money - 31:52
  • The best books that Joey has been read recently- 34:37
  • Learning how to scale the business - 35:25
  • Joey's answer for The Legacy Question - 37:18
  • Get in touch with Joey - 40:59

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