Episode #8 Marco Collins


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Well, we've done it again, finished another wonderful podcast! I know it's been a while but we're back in business. This episode is with the amazing, sweet, brother from another mother, Marco Collins! Just like so many podcasts of mine since I am a Chatty Cathy (Marco being my equal in that) this one is pretty darn long. We clocked in at over two hours and probably could've kept going! We covered so many things from midlife crisis to the grunge era to the first world problem of what do I do next, insecurities, fear, art, change, self-confidence or lack there of and more Just note there is a surprise halfway through when Marco, the ever talented DJ, got me to seeing a certain Hammerbox song, a cappella!
Hope you enjoy and please spread the word if you feel you have a friend who would love to hear this and more.
Love Carrie

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