#30 Wait Until You're Injured? Most Are 100% Preventable! with Dr. Kelly STARRETT


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30 Why Wait Until You're Injured? Most Are 100% Preventable! with Dr. Kelly STARRETT


FEBRUARY 20, 2015 Dr. Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD.com & San Francisco Crossfit Hello, World! BACKGROUND

A few years back during one of my volleyball seasons, I started to have these random knee issues and I had no idea what actions I needed to take. I came across Dr. Starrett and his “mobility stuff”online and I didn’t know what any of it was. As I continued to research, I found so many things from him that has helped me throughout my career over the years, so I guarantee to all of you who are listening, you will be able to take many lessons away from today’s episode. We will get into all of the basic things athletes, or anyone in general, need to have or do on a day to day basis when it comes to maintaining a high fitness level and staying healthy. He talks about the importance of having a ball sport in your repertoire as a kid as well as being involved in a sliding sport (ie: surf, skate, ski). Today you will learn why Dr. Starrett says that “the first wealth is health.”


Born, Kelly Starrett, currently living in San Francisco, California. Married to Juliet Starrett, together they have two children Kelly is former USA Canoe Team Member, the Co-Owner of San Francisco Crossfit along with his wife. Also the Co-owner of MobilityWOD, a resource for learning how to fix old and prevent new injuries with instructional video. A New York Times and Wall Street Journal’s Best selling author including, Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing and Optimizing Athletic Performance. New book is Ready To Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Healthy He trains top athletes as well as Olympians around the world

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Key Discussion Points:

As far as training and conditioning in youth teams, what are things that can be done to make sure the athletes are being taught the correct technique, as it is often overlooked? Why is MCE the new recovery for injuries?

Key Lessons:

As an athlete, there is no OFF button; athletes have a tendency to push through knowing something is wrong, coaches need to pay for attention When conditioning properly, we can get leading indicators, signals of possible injuries that may come in the future KS @ 21:38 “How do we know we have a problem? Pain, swelling, numbness and tingling, loss of forced production..that gets our attention, but those are lagging indicators. What we get from better conditioning is a set of leading indicators.” Conditioning is where you reinforce the fundamental positions of particular sport Technique in training is key KS @ 22:44 “The best technique actually mimics the physiology of the human.” Ready positions is ready position and its the same in all sports Training isn’t always about strength, but more so efficiency Icing doesn’t necessarily cure an injury KS @ 41:03 “There is not a single piece of research that shows icing helps an injury We reduce swelling by elevation, compression, and squeezing the inflamed/swollen area Anything you put a brace on is eventually going to become weaker Hello, World! INFO

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Business/Work: San Francisco CrossFit, MobilityWOD.com, Official Trainer for ReebokONE, instructor on CreativeLive.com’s educational website

Past/Current Teams: Past; USA Canoe Team

Recommended Guest: Stacy Sims ;)

Books Mentioned: Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing and Optimizing Athletic Performance by Kelly Starrett Ready To Run: Unlocking Your Potential to Run Healthy by Kelly Starrett

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Definition of an Athlete?

"Who picks up a new skill the fastest...can be coached and apply the set of skills over and over, understands that they have to perform basic maintenance." -Dr. Kelly Starrett


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