Beyond Bossfights Episode 25 – Closing Up Shop


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Beyond BossfightsIn this episode, I’ve got Brian and Roger formerly of the Contains Moderate Peril and Burton and Scrooge podcasts. We touch on many podcast and content creation-centered subjects, such as relating to your audience, the importance of a good co-host dynamic, and situations that might lead someone to finally call it quits.

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Show notes:

Definitive Gaming History

Main Topic – Shutting down your blog and podcast

Questions/Topics for discussion:

  • In the space of about a year, you’ve closed a podcast, started another podcast, closed that podcast, and quit your blog. Can you walk us through why these decisions were made?
  • Do you find that your interests have changed over the last 4 years, and if so, has that had something to do with your lowered passion for these projects?
  • At times, you fake disdain for your podcast listeners (and at times, perhaps it’s not so fake!). How much of this is “playing the part” and how much of it is just the healthy approach of not putting too much stock in popular opinion?
  • You’ve spoken before about the feeling of accountability with your audience that can develop over time. Did you still feel this towards the end? Did it cause you to press on longer than you wanted?
  • What does it take to shut down a blog and podcast? Was there anything surprising about the process, or is it simply a matter of cancelling all your services?
  • You once said to me “I just like writing” indicating that you would probably do it via pencil & paper if you had to. Since shuttering the blog, have you started to feel that pull to write again?
  • You’ve mentioned having plans for a future project. Are you ready to give Beyond Bossfights an exclusive and let us know what you’re thinking about doing next?
  • What’s next for you and Brian? You’re obviously still friends, and it seemed like you were still enjoying doing a podcast together. Might we still see a Brian & Roger collaboration in the future?
  • What’s going to happen to the Contains Moderate Peril “brand”? Are you going to change your Twitter handle? 🙂

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