A Winning Plan: Making Process Improvement Possible - Marjorie Wall


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When a problem strikes in Sterile Processing or the Operating Room that puts a patient at risk, the knee jerk reaction is to what? To fire the person responsible. In this first episode of Season 7 we talk with a mathematics major on a full scholarship-turned-Sterile Processing leader about the cultural shift that needs to happen in order to make lasting change in our departments - a shift that looks at the processes that are in place that set your staff up for failure or success. Marjorie Wall talks us through planning for process improvements in a way that will gain support and engagement from frontline staff as well as gain financial and budgetary resources from administration. There’s a point as an industry and as individual leaders where change is imminent. Listen to this week’s episode to see how you can be a change agent in your department. You’re not going to want to miss this first episode of a brand-new season of Beyond Clean!

Season 7 CEs will be packaged at the end of the season in a single mega-quiz that includes all eight episodes. The quiz will be released through our newsletter and social media pages along with episode 8 later this season. *The opinions expressed in this interview do not reflect the official opinion of any organization the interviewee is affiliated with.

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