ISO Certification for SPD Departments & AAMI/ASTM Updates: Ralph Basile


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Regulators want it, healthcare facilities want it, medical device manufacturers want it...what if surgical instrument validation was actually geared toward a specific standard protocol? This re-released Season 1 episode features one of the biggest names in sterile processing, Ralph Basile, who talks with Justin Poulin, Michael Matthews and Hank Balch about all things ISO certification and AAMI/ASTM. Learn how you can get involved in the important decisions being made in today's healthcare environment. Tune in now! Segment 1 (02:45) - ISO Background & Intersection w/ Sterile Processing Standards Segment 2 (14:45) - AAMI/ASTM Updates & Standards Related to Cleaning Medical Devices #BeyondClean #WeFightDirty #sterileprocessing #podcast #season1 #throwback #ISO #AAMI #ASTM #validation #MDR #CSSD #SPD

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