Thinking Inside the Box: New FDA Claims on Multiple Tray Sterilization Technology


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It stands a little over five feet tall, increases sterilization efficiencies and saves time and money. Yes, it could be your new best friend- it’s the SteriCUBE and on this week’s release of the Beyond Clean Vendor Spotlight series, we talk to Michele Mauzerall, CEO and Managing Partner at PMBS, LLC and Progressive Sterilization, LLC about the benefits of multiple tray sterilization technology. Many hospitals have the same consistent complaints: turnover times are too slow, delays or case cancellations due to holes in wraps and wet loads, throughput issues, the list goes on. Multiple tray sterilization technology affords the opportunity to sterilize multiple trays for one patient’s procedure all at once- no lids, no wrap- just increased efficiency of sterilized instrumentation. During this episode we will take this advanced technology one step further…Listen now for the most recent FDA clearance claims. One of the most innovative products in sterilization to hit the healthcare market just got even better!

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