Third Party Instrument Repair: AMDSO & "The Right to Repair" Debate


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Surgical instrument repair questions are such an important part of everything that we do as sterile processing professionals. David Anbari joins us to talk about preventative maintenance, accessibility and the mobile aspect of third party repair services. Who are the people repairing instrumentation and what's the difference between third party repair and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) repair in terms of quality? David addresses these questions and then in the second segment we dive into the challenges from a legislative perspective to how the repair industry is managed. This re-released Season 1 episode is just as relevant today as it was during Season 1 so tune in now! Segment 1 (03:30) - History of “3rd Party Instrument Repair” Segment 2 (19:35) - The “Right to Repair” Debate & #BeyondClean #WeFightDirty #sterileprocessing #podcast #season1 #throwback #instrumentrepair #thirdpartyrepair #surgery #MDR #CSSD #SPD

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