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I am so delighted that Jenny agreed to do an interview with me for this podcast: Beyond Good Intentions. She shares incredible stories about creative mothering through hard times, and now being a traveling grandmother.

When she told me about making matching clothes for her kids for family pictures, she became my newest soul sister! She had no way of knowing how much I love taking family pictures, but I just loved this about her. Head to her podcast full show notes on my website KristenDuke.com

If you are new to this podcast, I encourage you to scroll through the other titles, and also read the summaries. Choosing to sum up a life in just a few words for a title has proven to be VERY challenging for me! I truly believe there is something for everyone in each episode.

To see pictures and full show notes of this interview, head here: Jenny Doan Interview.

Our conversation was filled with so many fabulous nuggets, here are just a few to look forward to when you listen:

  • How she dealt with kids fighting
  • Her spin on "filling our buckets"
  • How she learned to sew as a pre-teen
  • What she FIRST thought about quilting
  • What her dad smelled like after work
  • Mailing notes to her grandkids (I told her about my free printable jokes to help!)
  • Dating your spouse
  • Creative "fun mom" ideas
  • Why someone chewed her out
  • How her company started after an intimidation of hers
  • Selflessly expanding their family through adoption

A few favorite quotes:

"If you can't get along in your living room, how will you get along in the world?"

"You love the people you serve."

"I remember the year I realized I couldn't do everything."

"You can't always have your bucket full, but sometimes you just need to fill a little cup."

"They're so empty that they are reacting instead of acting."

"Nothing compares to the heartache of parenting adult children, because you can't fix it and make it all better."

"When you make a quilt, that outlives you. It becomes a treasured piece of art."

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