#53 Jasmine Star on Creative Entrepreneurship, Attracting Your Dream Clients & the Power of Social to Grow Your Business


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My guest this week is the lovely and talented Jasmine Star. Jasmine is a photographer and a creative entrepreneur, who has been able to grow successful businesses offline and online. Her mission is to empower other entrepreneurs to build their brands by leveraging social media and she has created a variety of products for her market.

Jasmine and I are very aligned when it comes to building a brand and we cover a lot in this episode.

We talk:

  • How she started & grew her successful photography & online businesses
  • Jasmine's content creation process
  • Jasmine's "ideal client" process
  • IGTV - Should you be using it?
  • Masterminds, her personal evolution, what's next for her biz and more!

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