Beyond Religion: Your Life is Waiting


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Our show is designed to contribute to the healing of those wounded by dogma and shame. I know the beauty and power of the Aramaic language and I’ll share that in the context of sharing with you that your life is your choice and that you can live above smallness and shame. I’ll help you learn how to say goodbye to the old victim energies, and how to awaken to your hidden destiny. You’ll learn how to understand your own “shadow” self and at the same time say goodbye to guilt and remorse. To celebrate all one’s mistakes and learn valuable insights from them is tantamount to claiming your deeper life purpose and giving birth to your most beautiful self. To live in the energy of gratitude and unconditional love makes it possible to let go of all that causes pain and suffering and see the gifts in all that has stifled us in victim energies. To help and support you in knowing of and learning to experience the energy of The Divine within you is my goal. In that there is no fear whatsoever.

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