How To Stop Making Excuses and Become a True Leader w/ Tayquon Johnson #58


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You will learn how to set your priorities and how Tayquon learned to not make excuses for himself and the life that he desires to have. He shares how we can actually make time for the things that we are striving to accomplish while also creating a culture that's worthy of others following us.

:45 - Intro to Beyond the Ball

3:20 - What does leadership mean to you?

4:25 - The mindset of a lion

5:13 - I don’t have time

7:15 - Heart for people

9:45 - What is Hope at the harbor?

11:50 - Learned mindset

12:13 - Jocko Mindset

15:00 - Lesson Grand Dad taught me

15:55 - How do you want to be remembered

16:34 - what would your teammates say about you?

18:35 - the standard of Clemson football

22:39 - name image and likeness plans.

23:00 - Athletes being able to own themselves.

27:19 - Darren wrencher

28:00 - The two min drill

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