Ep. 187 - Restore Your Core with Lauren Ohayon


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In today's episode of Beyond the Basics Health Academy, Dr. Meaghan sits down with Lauren Ohayon. Lauren is the owner of Restore Your Core and is an internationally recognized Yoga and Pilates teacher that works with women around the world to restore proper function of the core and pelvic floor.

Lauren discusses how the pelvic floor, core muscles, low back, and diaphragm are not only linked together as the foundation of posture and movement but how they are connected to our organs and the rest of the body as well.

This is a great episode for anyone wanting to learn more about how to restore proper function to the core, pelvic floor, low back, and breath.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How the pelvic floor, diaphragm, and low back are connected
  • How Restore Your Core takes a comprehensive approach to reconnecting various aspects of health
  • How everything in the body is connected
  • The importance of realizing that structure and function go together
  • How to strengthen your body effectively so that sneezing, running, and coughing do not lead to urinary leakage
  • How tight muscles reflect dysfunction
  • How to put everything together in a movement puzzle so that full function and structure is restored

Want to know more about Lauren and the Restore Your Core program?

Visit restoreyourcore.com or follow Lauren on Instagram (@thelaurenohayon), Youtube, and Facebook.

Thanks everyone for listening and remember to take care of yourselves and be kind to others.

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