Ep. 189 - Restoring Proper Musculoskeletal and Neurological Function Through Functional Rehab with Chad Weed


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On this episode of BTBHA, Dr. Meaghan sits down with her colleague, Chad Weed, to discuss the importance of functional rehab and how looking specifically at restoring proper musculoskeletal and neurological function can help with any type of disease and dysfunction.

Chad has been working with musculoskeletal concerns for 20 years and one of the patterns that he has noticed is that many times we go after the specific location of dysfunction or pain but don't focus on truly rehabbing what is necessary to get individuals out of dysfunctional patterns. This episode focuses on how musculoskeletal issues are also neurological issues due to the body having to compensate and that we need to take a comprehensive approach to care when dealing with injuries, especially old trauma to the body.

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