Ep. 190 - When Nothing Seems To Be Working, Think Mold with Jenn Malecha


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On this episode of BTBHA, Dr. Meaghan sits down with Jenn Malecha to discuss mold toxicity. Jenn shares with us her personal experience with mold in her own home as well as how to properly assess and treat mold toxicity.

Jenn runs the (W)holistic Health Blog and works with a number of clients on many different health issues. She uses over a decade of personal training experience, functional diagnostic nutrition, and transformational coaching to build personalized, realistic and sustainable health-rebuilding programs that help her clients achieve long lasting results and be the boss of their own health.

Mold has proven to be a very complicated issue as it can silently cause problems in your body and every person reacts differently to its exposure. Therefore, Jenn and Dr. Meaghan discuss how you can know if you are exposed and what to do if you believe mold toxicity is interfering with your health.

Want to know more about Jenn and mold toxicity? Check her out on social media and visit her (W)holistic Health Blog!

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