Ep. 191 - ESS60: The Magic Molecule with Chris Burres


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In this episode of BTBHA, Dr. Meaghan talks with owner of SES Research, Chris Burres. Chris is a mechanical engineer, scientist and entrepreneur that has focused his attention on ESS60 and the numerous benefits it provides. ESS60 is a nutritional product that utilizes the health benefits of C60 (Carbon 60) in an oil-based suspension. The C60 fullerene compound has been scientifically backed by a number of research studies that demonstrate an abundance of mental and physical benefits. Research has shown that ingesting ESS60 has numerous health benefits such as:
  • Protection against aging by preventing free radical damage in the body
  • Has shown to improve the lifespan of rats by 90%
  • Can kill viruses
  • Decrease inflammation in the body
  • Help with anti-aging effects on the body
Listen to find out more about ESS60 and how it works. Additional links and contact info:

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