Ep. 181 - The Importance of Omega-3 with Dr. Mark LaScott


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Dr. Meaghan and Dr. Mark from One Agora Integrative Health sit down to discuss the importance of Omega-3 balance in the body. It is not only important to take out the bad fats in the diet, but also to balance with supplementing the right amount of Omega-3.

In this episode, we will talk about:

  • How much fish oil we need in the United States
  • How to cook right with oils and fats
  • Not all fats are created equal
  • What lifestyle changes we can make to decrease inflammation
  • What is Omega-3 Index and how this blood level can be preventative against dementia
  • What type of testing we do at One Agora Integrative Health to assess overall Omega-3 status

Thanks everyone for listening. This is a podcast jam packed with information. And remember to:

Be kind, take care of others, and make good choices.

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