Ep. 177 - Healing PCOS with Amy Medling


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Welcome everyone to Beyond the Basics Health Academy Podcast. In this podcast, I interview Amy Medling. Amy is the founder of an online group called PCOS Diva. Amy is a certified Health Coach who has built an amazing community that helps to support, educate, and empower individuals with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

She joins us to talk about her comprehensive approach to health and wellness with her new book, Healing PCOS: A 21-Day Plan for Reclaiming Your Health and Life with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.

Her book is grounded in the latest medical research and filled with knowledge along with guidelines about how to take a comprehensive approach to PCOS. It lays out the mental changes that are needed along with:

  • A 21-day anti-inflammatory, hormone-balancing and gluten-free meal plan, including meal prep and plan-ahead tips to make eating this way sustainable
  • 85 delicious recipes - Half fan favorites and half new dishes
  • Daily self-care exercises including meditation and journaling prompts

More information and links to Amy:

Thanks Amy for coming on again. It's always great to talk to you and thanks everyone for listening!

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