SPECIAL - COVID-19 and The Immune System with Dr. Stephani Martinson


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During this special edition of Beyond the Basics Health Academy, Dr. Meaghan video chats with Dr. Stephani Martinson to discuss aspects of the immune system and immune response that are important to understand with the recent outbreak of COVID-19.

Dr. Stephani and Dr. Meaghan have worked together for years and Dr. Stephani is the owner of the compounding pharmacy, Evexia. In this podcast, they discuss:
  • How the Immune System works
  • Why we are seeing some of the trends that we are seeing with COVID-19
  • What we each need to know about our immune system and how we can best support immune function
  • Why are some populations having mild cases and what is leading vulnerable populations to have severe reactions and going into cytokine storms
  • What is a cytokine storm
  • Hydroxychloroquine- How it works (specifically with COVID-19 and the immune response of cytokine storms)
  • What we can do to try to stay safe and sane during these times

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