Tropic Thunder 2: Welcome Back To The Jungle


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Featuring ludicrously OTT gore, Ben Stiller going full r-word and Robert Downey Jr. improbably turning a black face performance into Oscar gold, Tropic Thunder is a Hollywood satire that made us laugh and squirm in equal measure.

Poking fun at the egos and eccentricities of A-list movie stars and powerful studio heads, Tropic Thunder follows a dysfunctional cadre of actors - including a faded action star, an Oscar darling who's a little too committed to the method and a drug-addled gross-out icon - as their attempts to complete production of a high budget war movie in the jungles of Vietnam go horribly off the rails.

The movie cleaned up at the box office and won almost unanimously positive reviews, but not without attracting a level of controversy that might make it a much tougher sell in 2019. In this week's episode, we discuss the thin line between outrageous and offensive, the glorious shade this movie throws towards Eddie Murphy and Russell Crowe, and that unforgettable Tom Cruise cameo...

After that, it's time to pitch our own fantasy sequel ideas, including a movie within a movie within a movie, Tropic Thunder in Space - which is pretty much just Galaxy Quest - and a much-needed effort to redress the notable gender imbalance in the original film.


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00.00: Jack Black knows his way around a blow job joke

32.45: Tropic Thunder Drinking Games

39.45: Tropic Thunder 2: Period Movie

55.20: Tropic Thunder 2: Welcome (back) To The Jungle

1.07.15: Listener Submissions & Episode 119 Preview

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