Why is this taking so long? A tale of IVF and reciprocal pregnancy – with Alana


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In our ninety-eighth episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with the beautiful Alana from @mummyplusmumma. She is the mum of Leo and is part of a same sex relationship.
Alana talks to us about her and her partner’s very long journey of IVF to conceive their beautiful little bub.

How to pick a doner? What’s the difference between anonymous and de-identified donors and what’s the laws in Australia around this? The realities of IVF? How was Alana’s birth experience? Was there gender disappointment? The legalities around not being the biological mum of your child and MORE!

Trigger warning! We do speak about IVF, miscarriage, and genetic testing in this episode.

We hope you absolutely LOVE this episode!

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