4/2/2017 The Crypto Guru Ron Murphy

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Eric and Marie welcome the Crypto Guru Ron Murphy to the show as we talk Mermaids, Goblins, Cryptids and more. During the first half hour Shawn and Marianne Donley are back for another episode of the Haunted Spotlight. Then at 8:30 pm est, we welcome Author, Folklorist, Radio Show Host, Actor and Lecturer Ron Murphy. Ronald went on his first bigfoot expedition with his mother when he was seven, inspired by a radio featuring Stan Gordon back in the mid-70s. Since then Ronald has been fascinated with the world of cryptids and the unexplained. Dave Scott of the internationally popular podcast, Spaced Out Radio, calls Ronald Murphy “the cryptozoological guru,” and has Ron as a monthly guest. George Noorey of Coast to Coast AM refers to Murphy as “a world-class expert” in faerie lore. Besides Coast to Coast AM and Spaced Out Radio, Ron has also been heard on the Black Cat Lounge, SquatchWatch Radio, WILK, KTKK AM630, and numerous other programs, both radio and television, throughout the US, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Ronald was given the opportunity to co-host two radio programs on the Paranormal UK Radio Network—The Transatlantic ParaRadio Show with Andy Mercer and Inside the Goblin Universe with Colin Schneider. Ronald L. Murphy graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and attended graduate school at Pitt and at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He is a professional actor, having appeared in movies, on television, and on stage. He is also a researcher and historical reenactor for the Underground Railroad in Blairsville, PA. In the course of his forty years of research, he has written a number of books. Unexplained Chestnut Ridge: A Hike through the Goblin Universe of the Laurel Highlands is a fascinating journey into the paranormal world of Western Pennsylvania. Bigfoot, UFOs, Thunderbirds, Ghosts, and all things that go bump in the night is scientifically researched and documented in this work, as well as raising unique theories into the cause of such phenomena. Haunted Westmoreland County explores the fascinating history of Westmoreland County, taking the reader on a fast-paced tour of the region. He delves into the colonization of the county and proceeds to take the reader through the economic and social development of this pivotal area, vital to the creation of the United States of America. Ronald also has written a series of books concentrating on the archetypal origins of many unexplained cryptids. On Dogman: Tracking the Werewolf Through History is an exhaustively researched, intelligent study of the concept of the lycanthrope from a Jungian perspective. By first examining cave paintings that demonstrate the notion of therianthropy, Murphy continues the quest for the Dogman through the dawn of humanity to the modern character of the werewolf. With a foreward by Ken Gerhard, this book is an essential study on this bestial manifestation within the human psyche. On Mermaids is a treatise on the mermaid figure of myth and legend. Murphy probes deeply below the waves and into the human experience to discern the cultural meaning of this aquatic archetype. On Wildman: Searching for Bigfoot Through the Ages is a psychological, mythological, and linguistic exploration of the Wildman archetype referred to as Bigfoot in America. One review of this book states that it is a “must have for any cryptozoological library.” On Ghosts: An Historical Survey investigates cultural beliefs and empirical evidence of ghostly activity through time, within the context of a global understanding of the paranormal. On Vampires is an exploration into the shadow that lurks in the collective unconscious, a cannibalistic underside of humanity that lies buried just below the surface, threatening to rise at any moment. Ron is considered an expert on fairy lore, and has researched the unexplained from Maine to Florida as well as in the United Kingdom. He has led investigations in his quest for Bigfoot in Maine and in Pennsylvania, and is a noted lecturer. He has headlined the Butler Paranormal Conference in Pennsylvania, and was a featured speaker, along with Ken Gerhard and Ron Morehead, at Creature Weekend in Ohio. He has also been a featured lecturer at the East Coast Paracon. Ron is interested in infrasound and pheromones in relation to Bigfoot research. He also studies cryptozoology as it relates to the Collective Unconscious and focuses on archetypes found throughout world cultures. Ron is also a member of the Center for Cryptozoological Studies and Center for Unexplained Events. Learn more about Ron at his website http://www.cryptoguru.net/ Join us this week for our next installment of BTE Radio as we welcome back the Haunted Spotlight and very special guest Ron Murphy all this week on Beyond The Edge Radio.

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