Ep 075 - Paul Jarvis And The Joy Of Running A Company Of One


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"If we assume in the beginning that growth is good, if we never challenge that assumption, then we just keep growing. If we think that more is good, then we'll always chase more into infinity. The Company Of One comes in when we ask ourselves "does this new growth make sense? have I reached enough?" If the answer is yes then the Company of One would say "how can I make things better?" because growth isn't always better. Growth may not always be the answer"

Paul Jarvis is an Entrepreneur, writer, and author of the book Company Of One (get it here: https://amzn.to/2J0ctBg). The premise is that sometimes staying small as a company might be the answer to make things better for ourselves, and for our clients and the people we're going to impact.

There are three questions you need to ask yourself:

How much is enough?

How will I know when I get there?

What will change when I do?

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