Episode 090: Postcards from Babylon with Brian Zahnd


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Brian Zahnd returns to share with us topics from his new book Postcards from Babylon: The Church in American Exile. Along the way Brian discusses why so many American Christians have traded "the Way of Jesus" for religious nationalism as well as explaining to Tammy what "the Satan" actually is.

Go Beyond the Pale with Brian Zahnd!

Show Notes:

1:42: (Intro) Steve & Tammy discuss the sudden passing of Rachel Held Evans

16:00: Why the Jesus Movement Generation has embraced religious nationalism

20:44 Playing the “Jesus Card” in refuting religious nationalism

25:02 Liberating Jesus from “the Red, White, and Blue”

29:47 Front lines of Christianity: San Francisco or the Bible Belt?

36:36 What is “the Satan”?

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